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Daras decanting at foliowerk.nl
Sun Aug 30 02:47:39 CEST 2009

In exact concordance with the first,_ as seemed almost
impossible--?--Alas, in that case, one could not well predict the
issue!--Seriously, it is a most handsome Book you have made; and I have
nothing to return but thanks and again thanks. By the bye, if you do
print a small second edition of the First Portion, I might have had a
small set of errata ready: but _where are they?_ The Book only came into
my hand here a few days ago; and I have been whipt from post to pillar
without will of my own, without energy to form a will! The only glaring
error I recollect at this moment is one somewhere in the second article
on _Jean Paul:_ "Osion" (I think, or some such thing) instead of
"Orson": it is not an original American error, but copied from the
English; if the Printer get his eye upon it, let
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