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 he thought of his contest with himself, and his decision when, defying
the possibility of separation, inharmony or divorce, he elected to keep
his plighted troth whatever his post-nuptial fate might be. But in the
recesses of his prison he had yearned for love, for the divine,
illuminating rays that had lighted the path of many a martyr to the
stake; of many a hero to the cannon's mouth; of not a few convicts to
the gallows; of many a sublime philosopher to the dungeon or the ax--and
all his misfortunes seemed but fleecy down compared to the weight which
this sense of isolation and aloofness from the tenderness of the world
brought to him. He looked at her fair young face, clouded and troubled
now with doubts and annoyance, and with a sinking heart he realized that
her personal vexation loomed as large upon the horizon of her mind as
the shame and danger that had overtaken him. "For the present, dear, you
are absolved from any obligation to me," he said very gravely. "When I
am released I shall, of course, give you the opportunity to reconsider
if you choose to do so, but in the meantime you are entirely free; it
must be so, dearest." She made no reply, but lifted her face to his for
their farewell kiss, and her mother was not able to stifle her sigh of
relief until they had passed beyond the prison walls. As they left,
Frank entered the room, and the glance he cast after the 
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