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Ic documents in this case are rare; and though the case itself is often
alluded to, its details have never, so far as I know, been reproduced
from these documents in an English dress, or presented in trustworthy
form to the American public. It occurred in the Commune of La Perriere,
situated in the Department of Orne, in January, 1846. It was critically
observed, at the time, by Dr. Verger, an intelligent physician of
Bellesme, a neighboring town. He details the result of his observations
in two letters addressed to the "Journal du Magnetisme,"--one dated
January 29, the other February 2, 1846.[1] The editor of that journal,
M. Hebert, (de Garny,) himself repaired to the spot, made the most
minute researches into the matter, and gives us the result of his
observations and inquiries in a report, also published in the "Journal
du Magnetisme."[2] A neighboring proprietor, M. Jules de Faremont,
followed up the case with care, from its very commencement, and has left
on record a detailed report of his observations.[3] Finally, after the
girl's arrival in Paris, Dr. Tanchon carefully studied the phenomena,
and has given the results in a pamphlet published at the time.[4] He it
was, also, who addressed to M. Arago a note on the subject, which was
laid before the Academy by that distinguished man, at their session of
February 16, 1846.[5] Arago himself had then seen the girl only a few
minutes, but even in t
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