[Bdi4emc-help] BDI TESTING won't test

Paul bdi-emc at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 15 23:13:05 CET 2006

On Wednesday 15 February 2006 17:18, Chris Radek wrote:
> If you've had a problem with the Makefile, a detailed bug report would
> be appreciated.

Or I could fix it in CVS myself, unless some %$&@ has revoked my commit 

> I do not recommend make install on BDI; run-in-place is available for
> running EMC2 CVS on systems with existing EMC (including EMC2)
> installations.

In which case, the "emc2 Team" needs to ensure the install target is safe on 
ALL systems before making a release tarball - Or make the default install 
tree /dev/null

> Thanks for mentioning that, Paul, the deb packages the EMC2 team are
> building regularly from the EMC2 CVS have not been tested on BDI and
> are not meant for use on BDI.  They are meant to make EMC2
> installation and updating easy on Ubuntu 5.10.

The emc2.deb will also break Ubuntu installs, may be not tomorrow, or next 
week, but before too long, it will break. Nothing major to start with, just a 
few files will get trashed, maybe a conflict or two after an update. With any 
luck, the --fix-broken flag with apt-get will resolve the problems..

So, with a "make install" not recommended, a borked set of rules, and a number 
of as yet, unresolved bugs, I guess we won't be seeing an emc2.deb for BDI-4 
any time soon.

Regards, Paul.

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