[Bdi4emc-help] Re: BDI-4.38 suggestions

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Fri Dec 30 13:19:00 CET 2005

On Friday 30 December 2005 06:45, Paul wrote:
>Hi Kent & Gene
>On Thursday 29 December 2005 20:21, Kent A. Reed wrote:
>> At least on paper, subversion looks great. If Source Forge is going
>> to migrate to it from CVS, then it sounds like your hand will be
>> forced soon enough.
>If the EMC developers decide to switch to subversion, I fear they
> will be shooting themselves in the collective foot. Quite a few
> users and developers are running RH-7.x systems, and there are a
> considerable number of RH-6.x installations to boot. Whilst there
> are subversion.rpm packages available for RH-7.x, you have to go
> digging for them. For the many running RH-6.x boxes, I suspect the
> situation will be much worse. 

I have to disagree with this assessment.  IF one is to run emc, then 
the system should be installed as an emc install, and the Brain Dead 
Install(er) is very good in this regard.  If the machine has 
sufficient drive resources, then a dual boot is quite feasable and 
I've done it.  At one point I was trying to do that between bdi-4.30 
and FC4, but FC4 was such a pita that Sarge got installed over it.  My 
last crash wiped that and I haven't edited the menu.lst to re-add the 
sarge boot back in, but it hasn't been touched in the bdi re-install, 
and should still be there on the other drive.

As for running all the emc stuff on a rh6 box, I wouldn't consider it 
for more than the second it takes me to recall how insecure 6 was.  
You wouldn't dare get it within talking distance of an internet 
connection without a couple of gigabytes of updates to plug holes, 
starting with bind.

So to me at least, this consideration is a non-issue.

>> In descending order of priority, my desiderata are (writing
>> EMC/EMC2 as if they were one animal, which of course they aren't):
>> 1) painlessly install a Linux with real-time extensions on which
>> EMC/EMC2 will run
>> 2) provide the resources to update/maintain this real-time Linux,
>> preferably directly via the internet, but indirectly through a
>> transfer of packages via CD or flash drive is acceptable if it can
>> be managed easily 3) provide an environment in which I can build a
>> running copy of EMC/EMC2 from source.
>> 4) provide the source code for a stable version of EMC/EMC2.
>> 5) provide a running copy of EMC/EMC2 "out of the box."
>All the above are amply provided for by Debian's apt tools. apt-get
> manages equally well with networked repositories, or from CDs.
> Installing a single package from floppy (or flash drive) would
> probably require the use of dpkg (the back end to apt-get). Even the
> sources can be downloaded with apt-get along with any prerequisite
> build dependencies... [note to self: Fix build deps and generate a
> source package for emc]
>> Item 3 is next most important because it means I can build an
>> running copy of EMC/EMC2 from source that might be provided with
>> the BDI or that I download / update from Source Forge. Obviously
>> this requirement is more important for EMC2 than for EMC since,
>> quoting from the Wiki, the latter is "...the old stable version and
>> no major improvement will be done here."
>I've not done any significant work with the old EMC tree for the best
> part of two years now. Most of my efforts have been in a branch of
> emc2 - The EMC version found on the BDI-4 disk is the result.
> Although both head and bdi-4 branches share much code in common,
> most of the user space code is identical, as are core parts of the
> RT modules, the bdi-4 branch does not use the HAL layer. Think of
> the BDI-4 build as a staging platform for the time when (if ?) emc2
> becomes stable enough for widespread use. Although from what I hear,
> emc3 may be just round the corner.
>Regards, Paul.

Cheers, Gene
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