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>This makes it very hard if not impossible to see who is talking to 
>whom.  Can this be fixed?
Let's hope so!

> The trouble with e2fsck is that it apparently has to be compiled with 
> or without the 'extended attributes' because the RH version of 1.35 
> cannot check a debian file system, and vice versa, but they both say 
> they are the same version. Yeah, pigs fly too. I already ran into that 
> earlier when I was trying to get FC4 to run on that box. Then I found 
> out FC4 doesn't run on anything, the installer is busted. But I wasted 
> a week trying :( Now I have the images for an unofficial FC4.2 thats 
> suppose to have al the fixes and about 2GB of updates already 
> incorporated in it. But I gave them to a friend so I need to burn 
> another set & see if I can make it run on this box someday. When I 
> find that round tuit probably. :)

It looks like I've finally run into someone who has tried more Linux 
distributions than I have :-) Since the BDI is my first Debian-based 
install, I'm learning from you what works and what doesn't.

A long time ago, I used Tom's rtbt Linux-on-a-diskette 
(http://www.toms.net/rb/)  to deal with a balky system. More recently, I 
had a student-employee at work who did some cool things with Knoppix 
Linux running from a CDROM 
(http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html). I don't know if it works 
against Debian file systems. I've also been told that the Gentoo LiveCD 
and its cousin the SystemRescueCD (http://www.sysresccd.org/) are good 
tools for fixing broken systems, but I've never had the need to try them 
(knock on wood!).

Frankly, I got cold feet with Fedora Core as it jumped from FC1 to FC2 
to FC3 because it seemed to be spinning out of control (I haven't even 
bothered to read the release notes for FC4). Instead, I paid for Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux to run my key servers at work and kept copies of 
previous versions of RH around for play. I'm slowly throwing them out as 
the security patches stop coming.  Now that I've entered my seventh 
decade of life and my fifth decade of computing, I seem to be less 
willing to fool around with different distributions just because they 
are there. I'd rather play with interesting new applications and 
middleware. That's why I'm thrilled that Paul put together the BDI.

I see in other messages that you finally gave up and reinstalled. Oy 
weh! That's usually the remedy I recommend for intransigent MS Windows 
problems. The stories I could tell you..., but no, I forget myself. It's 
the old farts who are compelled to bore everyone with "there I was..." 
stories and I can't be an old fart, can I?

Good luck.


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