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On Thursday 15 December 2005 17:37, bdi4emc-help at lists.ourproject.org 
Following up on my own mail here..
>On Thursday 15 December 2005 16:33, bdi4emc-help at lists.ourproject.org

And this is a PITA, this mailing list soft is miss-configured such that 
all messages carry an identical string, 
"bdi4emc-help at lists.ourproject.org" in the To:, From: and Reply To: 

This makes it very hard if not impossible to see who is talking to 
whom.  Can this be fixed?

>>"...text mode...[s]o the only thing to do is tap the reset
>>button...graphical install...freezes the box."
>>When it rains, it pours!.
>>There's a legion of Linux haters out there who gave up when they ran
>>into seemingly insurmountable problems like this. I'm not going to
>> be an apologist for the Linux folks, but I will say I've had my
>> share of balky installs with all sorts of O/Ses, not just Linux.
>>I had no difficulty installing BDI-4.30 on two very different boxes,
>> one an HP8776c running a 1GHz AMD T-bird Athlon CPU, one a Dell XPS
>> T450 running a  450 MHz Intel PIII, so I don't have any learning
>> experience to drawn from for advice. As I said in my first email,
>> for me it "doesn't get any better than this." I'll be interested to
>> hear what you decide is the source of your difficulties and what
>> you did about it.
>>Good luck, Gene.
>Well, I started memtest86 on it about noonish.  I'll check in on it
>tomorrow, as its a pretty steady, nearly freezing rain here today.
>Not too pleasant for a diabetic to be out in. Even in insulated
>mucklucs, the feet get cold.
>Memtest86 needs the time to hammer on it anyway.
>Previous versions and this one (bdi-4.30) installed 2 or 3 times
>previously on this box without any problems, but I'd always used the
>gfx install.  This time I was trying to preserve the data, and was
> not formatting the drives.  But the installer gives one no chance to
> run an e2fsck on the partitions to see if they are ok, or I don't
> know how to get to it.  That was my original thought, because it
> blew up when the temp was about 20F in the shop at the time.  And
> the cd doesn't give one the option of booting 'single' so it might
> be fixed if its slightly trashed.  If this doesn't do it, I'll burn
> a copy of ubuntu or mepis and see if that gives me the tools.

I looked in on it late last night, no errors so far.  So I downloaded a 
copy of kubuntu and I'll see if it will let me do an e2fsck on all 
drives.  Gotta be something wrong.  I did put a 40 watt appliance lamp 
in it, with a line type thermostat to shut it off at about 55 degrees.
I've not seen it shut off though.

The trouble with e2fsck is that it apparently has to be compiled with 
or without the 'extended attributes' because the RH version of 1.35 
cannot check a debian file system, and vice versa, but they both say 
they are the same version.  Yeah, pigs fly too.  I already ran into 
that earlier when I was trying to get FC4 to run on that box.  Then I 
found out FC4 doesn't run on anything, the installer is busted.  But I 
wasted a week trying :(  Now I have the images for an unofficial FC4.2 
thats suppose to have al the fixes and about 2GB of updates already 
incorporated in it.  But I gave them to a friend so I need to burn 
another set & see if I can make it run on this box someday.

When I find that round tuit probably. :)

Cheers, Gene
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