[Bdi4emc-help] stepper motor emc

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Fri May 5 03:30:50 CEST 2006

Matt Timmermans wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> If you already have a BDI-based config, you just need to change the 
> EMCMOT parameter in the [EMCMOT] section of your ini file from 
> "freqmod" to "quickstep".
> If your PERIOD was set too high because of CPU limitations, you can 
> probably set it lower.   0.000015 should be fine unless your system is 
> very special.
> unrealistically high to reduce path errors at corners, go ahead and 
> set them to something your steppers can really handle, since the new 
> BDI has path error limits.
> If you were avoiding backlash compensation because you were losing 
> steps, go ahead and put it back in, since quickstep enforces 
> acceleration limits while compensating.
> Hope that helps,
> Matt
>> From: Andy Holcomb <andyholcomb at comcast.net>
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>> users."<bdi4emc-help at lists.ourproject.org>
>> To: bdi4emc-help at lists.ourproject.org
>> Subject: [Bdi4emc-help] stepper motor emc
>> Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 23:23:22 -0500
>> From what I understand there is a new mode for emc to run stepper 
>> motors better, I have downloaded and installed bdi 4.44 and installed 
>> it. How do I install/run this new mode?
>> Andy
Its good news indeed.  Unforch, I'm about 900 miles from where I might 
try it out, and will be for another couple of months.  I'm trying to 
resuscitate a tv station with a burned up antenna and transmission line 
& a transmitter that's had close to zero REAL maintainance in its 35 
year life so far.  Its a Harris dual 25 that ATM might be able to make 
10kw of honest power, which was enough to start a fire because the 
feedlines and antenna were full of water.  This should be interesting 
before its all done.  I wish they would just let me retire instead of 
making the$e offer$ I haven't the good $en$e to turn down.


Cheers, Gene

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