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Jessie Bayley jcbeee2002 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 22:59:47 CEST 2014

Hi ya,

How you all doing? Hoping you're all well and things are moving forward in a good way for the woodlands project.

I have a possible opportunity for you that you may be interested in. With my new ecotherapy project I have become a director at Stanmer Organics, who as you will know have the lease of a large area at the back of Stanmer Park. This includes the Millenium Wood and Stanmer Organics have a duty to maintain it. However all the groups are busy with their own plots and the woods have become a bit of a millstone. Would you as a group, or any of you as an individua,l be interested in taking on the Wood as a project? It would mean becoming a member of Stanmer Organics, with all that that entails, Soil association requirements etc, BUT it would mean you could draw up a plan for teh wood, the coppicing and use of it. As you probably know SO is a arts, therapy and community oriented, educative, co-op and there are really great things going on there. It isn't easy being a member, but the wood is a very productive space and the community of people up there is diverse
 and interesting. You would have to present a business plan and show what you intend to do with the wood and there is a membership fee (not that much), an annual rent (£190) and a deposit (£190) to pay. 

If you are at all interested let me know and I can find out more for you or put you onto someone who can tell you more. The wood is up for the using, and there is no one currently interested, you are the first to be offered the possibility, that I know of.

Cheers all, 

Jess x
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