[Tree-project-organise] Oh look we got a new Community Tree Project mail list .........

Darren mail at vegburner.co.uk
Sun Nov 10 20:43:05 CET 2013

I've just set up a mail list to make the job of sending messages to 
everyone involved with the CTP.

I've been aware that at times people have been getting missed out from 
mails and hopefully this should solve the problem + if things get busy 
each of you can choose to get daily digest mails (all emails in one day 
compiled into one email) or if you get bored you can unsubscribe yourself.

Currently I've got the following people subscribed -

and myself.

I think most of you know each other - possibly Spence is a bit of an 
enigma to a few of you.  He's a friend of Averys and came along to a 
meeting which was also attended by Avery, Jess and myself.

If there is anyone else you think should be subscribed let me know and I 
can add them.

Personally I'm up for having this list fairly open -adding anyone who is 
interested in the project and says they want to receive list mails.  
What does everyone else think?  (I ask this because I can think of a few 
people who it would be good to add but think we should agree on some 
kind of policy for this.....)

If you reply to this mail then your reply will go to the list of people 
above + anyone else who has been added....


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