[Solar-ovejafm] viernes, 11hs, asamblea e instalación de SL en Fm Futura

Marcos Guglielmetti marcos at ovejafm.com
Wed Apr 29 19:37:18 CEST 2009

[14:27:16] Marcos dice:=20
q tal
[14:27:25] Juan dice:=20
como va che?
[14:27:31] Marcos dice:=20
bien, todo normal
[14:27:38] Juan dice:=20
[14:27:48] Marcos dice:=20
[14:28:50] Juan se une a la conversaci=F3n
[14:28:51] Juan dice:=20
bien che
[14:34:26] Juan se une a la conversaci=F3n
[14:34:32] Marcos dice:=20
el 1ero vamos a la radio a instalar software libre
[14:34:37] Juan dice:=20
[14:34:45] Juan dice:=20
leyeron como es la movida?
[14:34:46] Marcos dice:=20
yo a las 15:30 me tendr=E9 que ir
[14:34:48] Marcos dice:=20
[14:34:52] Juan dice:=20
los meils
[14:34:55] Juan dice:=20
no los leyeron?
[14:35:01] Juan dice:=20
porque a las 11 empieza la asamblea
[14:35:05] Juan dice:=20
cuando termine eso seria
[14:35:33] Marcos dice:=20
[14:35:40] Marcos dice:=20
no pude leer nada
[14:35:48] Marcos dice:=20
pero si necesito saber eso, es suficiente, gracias

Marcos Libre
(pod=C3=A9s emplearme con cualquier fin, estudiarme, copiarme y mejorarme,=
siempre y cuando siga siendo libre)

I asked one teacher that lives 300km from Belgrade about the idea that=20
I can come to her city by train that leaves Belgrade at 3AM in the=20
morning and arrives at her city at 7AM.  She said: Will you sleep=20
only 3-4 hours and wake up at 2AM?" I answered: No, I will work until=20
2.30AM, get on train, have some sleep in train and work with you the=20
whole day in order to be sure that my help is efficient".  She said:=20
You Linux geeks are crazy. You do not sleep at all!" ha ha ha. that=20
is fun. Yes, we work a lot. The Internet is our country. We do not=20
accept frontiers and we support each other generously 24 hours a day.

Vedran Vucic
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