[Solar-ovejafm] Re: phone number for a short radio "interview"?

Marcos Guglielmetti marcos at ovejafm.com
Fri Dec 5 03:30:04 CET 2008

> Hola Tapani Räikkönen:

> A ¡very! nice message!
> We will read it if you dont manage to record your voice in
> finnish/english, thanks!, and then I will give you the URL to listen
> to the radio program

Sorry for this, perhaps some other day I could record a short message. 
a bad luck I have been little hoarse for some days and have not been 
eager to use my voice.

Good luck for your program!



All ok Tapsa, we did a funny bizzare radio program, it was very funny 
for us :D


And we readed your text :D, very nice 

It would be nice to talk to you in finnish, or if you could record 
something you want to say in finnish and send it to us in an ogg file 
or something like that, if you want to, feel free to make it anytime; 
BTW: it would be useful to translate the finnish words to english at 
the end of each paragraph (because, here, nobody understand finnish, 
but we want to show the diversity of the free software movement)


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