[Solar-libroblanco] Unsolicited commercial email not delivered

MailScanner postmaster en ourproject.org
Lun Feb 9 05:30:52 CET 2004

Our UCE (spam) detectors have been triggered by a message you received:-
  From: bhvj3gxt en jornada.com.mx
  Subject:  Make over $1000 per day
  Date: Mon Feb  9 05:30:51 2004
This message has not been delivered. The detectors that were triggered are
spam, SpamAssassin.

The message to you has been detected as spam based on either its contents or
the mail server which sent the message to us, or both.

We do not accept unsolicited commercial (spam) e-mail and actively
work to stop it.

If you have any questions about this, or you believe you have received
this message in error, please contact the site system administrators.

Your system administrators will need the following information:
  Server name: the MailScanner
  Message id: 1Aq34G-0006eK-00
  Date code: 20040209

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