[Solar-general] Musix is being used at Joe Wilson Intermediate School in Cedar Hill, Texas, USA

Diana Venturini diana.venturini en gmail.com
Jue Ene 25 05:33:22 CET 2007

Very good!!!!
(claro, ahora a tus alumnas de 3er. mundo y 4ª edad ya no nos vas a
dar ni 5 de bolilla...o sí?) Igual felicitaciones!!!

2007/1/24, Marcos Guglielmetti <marcospcmusica en gmail.com>:
> Article: http://www.musix.org.ar/wordpress/?p=53
> Musix is being used at Joe Wilson Intermediate School in Cedar Hill, Texas,
> The school teacher Marilyn Hagle (marilyn.hagle [ … ] chisd.com) is using
> Musix in her lessons of music at Joe Wilson Intermediate School in Cedar
> Hill, Texas, USA.
> "I am a 5th/6th grade general music teacher and use bootable Musix CDs in our
> computer lab with students once a week. It rocks!
> First the students work on the easy rhythm practice exercises in Solfege. Then
> we go to the Hydrogen Drum Machine program and the students write their own
> rhythm patterns.
> I have each class for only twelve weeks a year. This twelve weeks term we are
> going to try compose a melody and add percussion to it. Note Edit would be
> the easiest to use with this age group, but in the .5 version it doesn't load
> the synthesizer consistantly (could be user error of course :) ). I am
> downloading your latest release right now, so maybe that will have a fix."
> We are working to debug this problem, maybe related to Timidity.
> "It might interest you to know that the students are now working on composing
> percussion accompaniments in Hydrogen for the program.  We will be singing
> our school song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," and playing a melody from
> Beethoven's 9th Symphony on our recorders . . . all with Hydrogen
> accompaniments.  :)"
> She have taught also in Minnesota and Chicago, her BA is in music and her MA
> in media communications, also she is certified to teach music and technology
> applications in Texas.
> Well, boys, another woman using GNU/Linux! But, "sadly", she is married ;)
> Marilyn started using computers in the classroom in 1982, she moved to Free
> Software in 1998, and she thinks educators are crazy or lazy for not using
> GNU+Linux.
> Just a last note… Marilyn is exited about the new apps that were included into
> the last Musix's version, 0.79 (we included them thinking about the needs of
> artistic schools and rock bands): "I was so excited to download your latest
> version and see it included Cinelerra and Blender!!  Before I took this job,
> I taught high school computer animation using Blender (fabulous!).  One of my
> educational goals has been to teach kids how to write their own songs and
> make them into music videos!!"
> Thanks Marilyn Hagle for using, teaching and spread Free Software!
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