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 She was very thoughtful all that afternoon, however, and so quiet
that when school was over and the two girls stood on the steps of
Mrs. Elder's Select Establishment, Nellie inquired anxiously if her
friend were ill. "Ill!" repeated Winnie with a light laugh; "not
I--only, I've

been a-thinking," and a long-drawn sigh accompanied the words. "What
about?" asked her companion, descending the steps and viewing the
little figure with the great, serious look on its face. "What a
doleful expression, Winnie! You look as if
you had, like Atlas, the whole world on your shoulders." "Nellie,"
interrupted the child--for
indeed she seemed little more than such--with the faintest quiver in
her voice, "did you ever
think, and think, and think, till your head seemed
bursting, and all your thoughts

got whirled together? No? Ah, well, I have; and somehow when I get
these moods everything becomes muddled, and
I find myself all in a maze. Oh!" and Winnie spoke with passionate
"often I would give I don't know how much to find some one who could
understand and explain away my thoughts." "Why not speak to your
mother?" asked Nellie, rather surprised at this
new phase in her friend's character; "surely she should be able to
help you." But the little girl shook her head despondingly. "No, no,
Nellie; my stepmother is very kind and pretty, but I don't see much
of her, and she would only laugh at me." They were strolling
leisurely along the street now, and the child's voice had a plaintive
ring in it as she continued: "I was very ill about a year ago--so
ill, Nellie, that I had to lie in bed
day after day for a long time. I can't
tell what was wrong
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