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E a sweeping bend just before Jack ran his canoe into shore. His aim now
was to quit the water without leaving any tell-tale traces behind. If he
stepped ashore and walked away never so carefully, he would fail to do
what was absolutely necessary. He believed he accomplished his purpose,
by running the boat under some overhanging undergrowth, where he
laboriously pulled it up the bank, until it could not be seen by any one
passing up or down stream, and could be found by no one moving along the
shore itself, unless he paused and made search at the exact spot. The
probability of any Indian doing such a thing, it will be conceded, was
as unlikely as it could be. But, on the other hand, the first step the
fugitive took would leave an impression which would tell the whole
story, and it now depended on the manner in which he overcame that
special danger. Carefully sounding the water, Jack found it was quite
shallow close to land. He therefore waded a full hundred yards from the
canoe before leaving the stream, and then, with his clothing saturated
to his knees, he stepped ashore, took a score of long careful steps
straight away, and his flight, it may be said, was fairly begun. "I
don't know that I have done so much after all," said he, when he had
reached a point a hundred yards from the stream, "for some one of the
Indians may strike my trail before sunrise to-morrow morning; but I have
done all I can at the start, and if I can have a few miles the lead,
it'll be no fun for them to overtake me." There was no reason why such
an advantage should not be secured, for, although the moon was of no
help to him in determining his course, he had studied the whole thing so
carefully while lying in the lodge of the chieftain Ogallah, that he was
as sure of the direction as if he held
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