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 brought the others to his side; and to their horror, drunk as they
were, they found that the body before them was that of a dead man,
arrayed in all the ghastly pomp of a corpse. A little nearer inspection
showed that he had been a priest, probably the Padre of the village; on
his head he had a small velvet skull cap, embroidered with a cross, and
his body was swathed in a vestment, such as priests usually wear at the
mass; in his hand he held a large wax taper, which appeared to have
burned only half down, and probably been extinguished by the current of
air on opening the door. After the first brief shock which this sudden
apparition had caused, the party recovered as much of their senses as
the wine had left them, and proceeded to discuss what was to be done
under the circumstances; for not one of them ever contemplated giving up
a bed to a dead priest, while five living men slept on the ground. After
much altercation, O'Flaherty, who had hitherto listened without
speaking, interrupted the contending parties, saying, "stop, lads, I
have i
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