[Solar-accesible] Tight advertising budget? Our lists are high quality and cheap

Wagner bandwidth McnamaraEsperanza at got-debt.com
Fri Oct 16 02:49:19 CEST 2009

Here is the package deal we're running for this week

Certified Physicians in the United States 

788,492 in total * 17,317 emails

Many popular specialties like Emergency Medicine, Plastic Surgery, OBGYN, Oncology, Pediatrics and more

16 different sortable fields

American Pharmaceutical Company Database
47,000 personal emails and names of decision makers

Hospital Facilities in America
more than 23k hospital administrators in over 7k hospitals [worth over $300 alone)

American Dentists
Virtually every dentist in the United States with full contact details

Chiropractors in the USA
100k Chiropractors offices with full contact data including email, postal address, phone and fax

Cost just slashed -  
$394 for all lists above

send and email to:      Jayson at freshandnewdata.info



Send email to exit at freshandnewdata.info for deleted status

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