[Solar-accesible] We have high quality MD and Dentist lists for less than five hundred bucks

logarithmic janepink45 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 21:50:49 CET 2009


As per our telephone conversations these are some of the more popular lists we have. 

Physicians (34 specialties) 
Alternative Medicine
National Health Service Corp Clinics
Nursing Homes
Pharmaceutical Companies
Physical Therapists
Criminal Attorneys
Real Estate Agents
Massage Therapists
Medical Equipment Suppliers
Mental Health Counselors
Visiting Nurses & RN's
Pharmaceutical Companies
Police and Sheriff Services
Building Trades
American Business Email List

This week you can buy any 3 of the lists above for $279 and any 5 for $379

Many lists are highly detailed with lots of different fields. Let me know if you need more numbers or would like to see some samples. Please contact me 
at my other email address Daphne at expertprodat.be and I will get back to you asap. Please ensure to attach this email when you email me. 
Also, feel free to pass this email along to any other people you know who might be interested in this offer. In the event that you no longer want
to remain on our list please send an email to rembox at expertprodat.be instead.

Best Regards,

Monty Calloway

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