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Ephyrs and the Butterflies wore their uniforms, and Mr. Walker was so
excited that all the boys were sure a good time was before them; though,
as the boats had not yet been recovered, they were at a loss to
determine the nature of the sports to which they had been invited. The
Rovers still maintained themselves on the island. The rupture between
Tim and Barney had evidently been healed; for both parties seemed to
mingle as though nothing had occurred to mar their harmonious action.
The boys at the boat-house were not kept long in suspense in relation to
their day's sport. Captain Sedley formed them into a procession, when
all had arrived, and, after appointing Fred Harper chief marshal,
directed them to march down to Rippleton, cross the river, and halt upon
the other side till he came. When they reached the place they found
Uncle Ben there, and soon after were joined by Captain Sedley and Mr.
Walker. "Follow us," said the former, as he led the way down to a little
inlet of the lake, whose waters were nearly enclosed by the land.
"Hurrah!" shouted Fred Harper, suddenly, when he obtained a view of the
inlet, and the cry was take
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