[Solar-accesible] N utterly silent, straight-lined, ravening ferocity toward th

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Half-dragged extra batteries to the radar room. Baird hooked them in.
The universe outside the ship again appeared filled with brilliantly
colored dots of light which were stars. More satisfying, the
globe-scanners again reported no new objects anywhere. Nothing new
within a quarter million miles. A half-million. Later Baird reported:
"Radars report no strange objects within a million miles of the
_Niccola_, sir." "_Except the ship we're welded to! But you are doing
very well. However, microphones say there is movement inside the
Plumie._" Diane beckoned for Baird's attention to a screen, which Baird
had examined before. Now he stiffened and motioned for her to report.
"We've a scanner, sir," said Diane, "which faces what looks like a port
in the Plumie s
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