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" said the Duckling. "I didn't think I had been here long at all. We've
been having the nicest time. And I'm coming again, am I not?" He asked
this question of the Blind Horse. "I wish you would come often,"
answered the Blind Horse. "You have given me a very pleasant morning.
Good-bye!" The mother Duck and her son waddled off together. "How is
your leg?" said she. "I forgot all about it until I began to walk,"
answered the Duckling. "Isn't that queer?" "Not at all," said his
mother. "It was because you were making somebody else happy. 'When you
don't know what to do, help somebody.'" THE FUSSY QUEEN BEE In a
sheltered corner of the farmyard, where the hedge kept off the cold
winds and the trees shaded from hot summer sunshine, there were many
hives of Bees. One could not say much for the Drones, but the others
were the busiest of all the farmyard people, and they had so much to do
that they did not often stop to visit with their neighbors. In each
hive, or home, there were many thousand Bees, and each had his own work.
First of all, there was the Queen. You might think that being a Queen
meant playing all the time, but that is not so, for to be a really good
Queen, even in a Beehive, one must know a great deal and keep at work
all the time. The Queen Bee is the mother of all the Bee Babies, and she
spends her days in laying eggs. She is so very precious and important a
person that the first duty of the rest is to take care
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