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Musing chit-chat of Mr. Lionel Tollemache's Recollections, but to
the cleverest work of a very clever Balliol man--Mr. W.H. Mallock's _New
Republic_. The description of Mr. Jowett's

appearance, conversation, and social bearing is photographic, and the
sermon which Mr.
Mallock puts into his mouth is not a parody, but an absolutely faultless
reproduction both of substance and of style. That it excessively
irritated the subject of the sketch is the best proof of its accuracy.
For my own part, I must freely admit that
I do not write as an admirer of Mr. Jowett; but

one saying of his, which I had the advantage of hearing, does much to
atone, in my judgment, for the snappish impertinences on which his
reputation for wit
has been generally

based. The scene was the Master's own dining-room, and the
moment that the ladies had left the room one of the guests began a most
outrageous conversation. Every one sat flabbergasted. The
Master winced
with annoyance; and then, bending down the table towards the offender,
said in his shrillest

tone--"Shall we continue this conversation in the drawing-room?" and
rose from his chair. It was really a stroke of genius thus both to

and to rebuke the impropriety without violating the decorum due from
to guest. Of the late Master of Trinity--Dr. Thompson--it was said: "He
casteth forth
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