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Mble as a squirrel. Crack! crack! fell the dead boards, then with a
clang and clamor, down rolled the old bell from its perch, carrying with
it the last of the burning tower. Jim climbed down as sullen as ever. He
didn't care to save the old shanty, or to win any praise from anybody.
He was simply not afraid, and his courage would not permit him to do
other than what he did. Nobody cared for him specially, although the
soft-voiced man with the small, womanish hands spoke to him often, and
always kindly. Jim never forgot that he had called him friend. The
memory of it stayed with him, like the kiss of a first love that lingers
long after love is dead. Most of the men were afraid of him, so fierce
was his temper, and so easily aroused. Even the warden had learned that
he could not tame him. The strap, the lash, the pool, the pump, had been
applied times without number. The warden was still "looking around" for
the time to apply the last resource, the shotgun. It was pretty sure to
come, for the boy was entirely "unscrupulous." Summer set in again.
Again June came, and tried to bloom even on the coal-tracked mountain
about the mine. Somewhere up back a
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