[Practicas-developers] F their sacrifices they sought to appease

Dickie Wryals dogmatists at animesushi.com
Thu Apr 8 00:10:56 CEST 2010

Ibes, in various modes, By various powers distinguished: for not

Down dropped them, nor from ocean's briny waves Sprang they,
terrestrial sole; whence, justly _Earth_ Claims the dear name of
mother, since alone
Flowed from herself

whate'er the sight surveys. E'en now oft rears she many a sentient
tribe By showers

and sunshine ushered into day.[803] Whence less stupendous tribes
should then have risen More, and of ampler make, herself
new-formed, In flower of youth, and _Ether_ all mature.[804] Of these
birds first, of wing and
plume diverse, Broke their light shells in spring-time: as in spring
Still breaks the grasshopper his curious web, And seeks, spontaneous,
foods and vital air. Then rushed the ranks of mortals; for the soil,
Exuberant then, with warmth and moisture teemed. So, o'er
each scene appropriate, myriad wombs Shot, and expanded,

to the genial sward By fibres fixt; and as, in ripened hour, Their
liquid orbs the daring foetus
broke Of breath impatient, nature here transformed Th' assenting
earth, and taught her

opening veins With juice to flow lacteal; as the fair Now with sweet
milk o'erflows, whose raptured breast
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