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S an altar consecrated to the worship of that Lady.... When the priest
performed the Divine mysteries at this altar he had his face turned to
the east.... Behind him, to the west, was the pontifical chair
constructed with handsome workmanship, and of large stones and cement,
and far removed from the Lord's table, being contiguous to the wall of
the church which embraced the entire area of the building. Lanfranc, the
first Norman archbishop, was granted the see in 1070. He quickly set
about the task of building himself a cathedral. Making no attempt to
restore the old fabric, he even destroyed what was left of the monastic
building, and built up an entirely new church and monastery. Seven years
sufficed to complete his cathedral, which stood on the same ground as
the earlier fane. His work, however, was not long left undisturbed. It
had not stood for twenty years before the east end of the church 
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