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 if we only mark the nature of the duties in which they were ordinarily
occupied. They were "prophets and teachers;" they were sound scriptural
expositors; some of them, perhaps, were endowed with the gift of
prophetic interpretation; and they were all employed in imparting
theological instruction. Though the name is not here expressly given to
them, they were, at least virtually, "the elders who laboured in the
word and doctrine." [74:1] Paul, therefore, was ordained by the laying
on of the hands of the _Presbytery_ of Antioch. [74:2] If the narrative
of Luke was designed to illustrate the question of ministerial
ordination, it plainly suggests that the power of Church rulers is very
circumscribed. They have no right to refuse the laying on of hands to
those whom God has called to the work of the gospel, and who, by their
gifts and graces, give credible evidences of their holy vocation; and
they are not at liberty to admit the irreligious or incompetent to
ecclesiastical offices. In the sight of the Most High the ordination to
the pastorate of an individual morally and mentally disqualified is
invalid and impious. Immediately after their ordination Paul and
Barnabas entered on their apostolic mission. Leaving Antioch they
quickly reached Seleucia [75:1]--a city distant about twelve miles--and
from thence passed
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