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En a boy writes from his first boarding school: "Whenever I can't stop
laughing I have only to think of home." Infinitely different as
children are,
they differ in nothing more than in the degree

of generosity. The most sensitive
of children is a little gay girl whose feelings are hurt with the
greatest facility, and who seems,
indeed, to have the susceptibilty of other ages as well as of her
own--for instance, she cannot endure without a flush of pain to hear
herself called fat. But she always brings her little wound to him who
has wounded her. The first confidant she seeks is the offender. If you
laughed at her she will not hide her tears elsewhere

than on

your shoulder.
She confesses
by her exquisite action at one her poor vanity and her humility. The
worst of children in the country is their inveterate impulse to use
death as their toy. Immediately
on their discovery of some pretty insect, one tender child calls to
the other "Dead it." Children do not look at the sky unless it is
to them to do so. When the sun dips to the narrow horizon of their
stature, and comes to the level of their eyes, even then they are not
greatly interested. Enormous clouds, erect, with the sun behind, do
not gain their eyes. What is of annual interest is the dark. Having
fallen asleep
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