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Ed faith. We bespeak for them the prayers of God's people.
It is expected that they will leave home about the middle of May and
sail from San Francisco June 1st. Dr. Sheldon Jackson and Dr. Pond
will aid them in providing materials for the building and the
necessary outfit. They will, therefore, be well provided for, though
long months must elapse before they can

again have communication with the civilized world. * * * * * IN A

NUTSHELL. _WHICH IS THE WISER WAY?_ There are some people who seem to
see only the ignorance
and vice of the Negro, and the inveterate race-prejudice against him;
or at least they
appear to be so occupied in dilating upon these
hindrances that they have no time to devote to their removal, and, so
far as their influence goes, they discourage others from doing
anything. On the
other hand there are those who, while
they see all these difficulties, only find in them the strongest
incentives to the most earnest efforts to relieve the Negro
from them. Which of these two
classes is the wiser? Some persons propose as the solution of the race
problem, disfranchisement; and they point to the bad legislation of
the blacks in South Carolina and Louisiana a quarter of a century ago,
when scarcely any

of them could read, and almost none owned property. On the other hand,
there are those that are industriously trying to educate

the blacks and inspiring them to the acquisition of property, and not

vain. More
than two millions of the blacks can now read, and
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