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The assailants? No, it is idle; No, whatever befalls, I will hide, will
ignore or forget it. Let the tail shift for itself; I will bury my head. And what's the Roman Republic to me, or I to the Roman Republic? Why not fight?--In the first place, I haven't so much as a musket; In the next, if I had, I shouldn't know how I should use it; In the third, just at present I'm studying ancient marbles; In the fourth, I consider I owe my life to my country; In the fifth--I forget, but four good reasons are ample. Meantime, pray let 'em fight, and be
killed. I delight in devotion. So that I 'list not, hurrah for the glorious army of martyrs! Sanguis martyrum semen Ecclesiae; though it would seem this Church is indeed of the purely Invisible, Kingdom-come kind: Militant here on earth! Triumphant, of course, then, elsewhere! Ah, good Heaven, but I would I were out far away from the pother! IV. Claude to Eustace. Not, as we read in the
words of the olden-time inspiration, Are there two several trees in the place we are set to abide in; But on the apex most high of the Tree of Life in the Garden, Budding,
unfolding, and falling, decaying and flowering ever, Flowering is set and decaying the transient blossom

of Knowledge,-- Flowering alone, and decaying,
the needless unfruitful blossom. Or as the cypress-spires by the fair-flowing
Hellespontine, Which from the mythical tomb of the godlike Protesilaus Rose sympathetic in grief to his love-lorn Laodamia, Evermore growing, and when in their growth to the prospect attaining, Over
the low sea-banks, of the fatal Ilian city, Withering still at the sight

which still they upgrow
to encounter. Ah, but ye that extrude from the ocean your
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