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Nch be dug the size of the frame, about eighteen inches deep, and if the
soil is light and rich that is thrown out, the bed may be formed of it;
but if a strong loam it will not answer the purpose. As soon as the bed
is made tread it down well, make it even, and let it have about six
inches fall from the back to the front; then place on the boxes and
light; and when the heat rises, admit from one to two inches of air. In
about a week it will be necessary to put the mould in for the hills in
the proportion of a barrow-full to a light. This must be levelled about
an inch all over the bed to prevent the rank steam from injuring the
plants. On the following day they may be ridged out, when the mould must
be pressed with the hands close down round the roots of the plants; and
water applied, which should be at the same time sprinkled regularly all
over the bed. Add now plenty of air, night and day, until the bed
becomes perfectly sweet, which is generally the case in about a week;
after which they may be shut down at night. Let the topping be the same
as directed for the Seed-bed in October; if the soil is light and rich,
have a bank on the outside about a foot or eighteen inches wide, and as
high, or even higher than the bottom of the box. This will prove a great
support to the plants; be the means of producing an abundant crop 
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