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And gets herself up like a prestidigitator's assistant. I have never
understood how Olive can reconcile herself to Verena's really low style
of dress. I suppose it's only because her clothes are so fearfully made.
You look as if you didn't believe me--but I assure you that the cut is
revolutionary; and that's a salve to Olive's conscience." Ransom was
surprised to hear that he looked as if he didn't believe her, for he had
found himself, after his first uneasiness, listening with considerable
interest to her account of the circumstances under which Miss Tarrant
was visiting New York. After a moment, as the result of some private
reflexion, he propounded this question: "Is the son of the lady of the
house a handsome young man, very polite, in a white vest?" "I don't know
the colour of his vest--but he has a kind of fawning manner. Verena
judges from that that he is in love with her." "Perhaps he is," said
Ransom. "You say it was his idea to get her to co
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