[Pppehrserver-legal-us] Nment of what were called "people of quality" usually took place either in the Tower or

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Ing to keep them apart; and it adds still further support to the theory
that it was not Lord Purbeck but Buckingham who was trying to divorce
Lady Purbeck, by "aggravating and airing her crimes." Buckingham himself
was suspected of having dealings with Lambe on his own account; for
Arthur Wilson says, in his _Life of James I._:[72] "Dr. Lamb, a man of
an infamous Conversation, (having been arraigned for a Witch, and found
guilty of it at Worcester; and arraigned for a Rape, and found guilty of
it at the King's Bench-Bar at Westminster; yet escaped the Stroke of
Justice for both, by his Favour in Court) was much employed by the
Mother and the Son," _i.e._, by the Duke of Buckingham and his mother.
If this be true, Buckingham's conduct towards Lady Purbeck, in
connection with Lambe, does not seem to have
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