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: "The question is solely an intellectual one, and must be solved
through educational means. It assumes the aspect of an educational duel
between the mercantile population of this country and their competitors
on the continent, in which the mastery is sure to remain with those who
are the most fully equipped for the contest." The report on the superior
instruction of Antwerp contains the following words: "Men have seemed to
imagine that, in order to prosper, commerce and industry have only
required money and favorable treaties of commerce. Governments have
occupied themselves with the material side of the future merchant,
without taking care to develop his intellectual capacity, which is,
indeed, the spirit of his operations, without taking care to improve his
intelligence, which is the germ of enterprise in the commercial life of
a nation." Young men and women are often led to believe that there is no
chance for them to have a successful career, and so fail to attend
college and develop their capacity, and, as a consequence, often become
restless and idle. But this is no age for triflers. The world is in need
of educated men in all of the higher walks of life. There is abundant
room for men of ability and culture who can bring things to pass. The
fact that earnest, talented, and consecrated men and women are
overworked in their professions shows that there is a place in the front
ranks of all useful professions and vocations. The door of the twentieth
century swings open and invites the ambitious men and women of talent
and consecration to the service of humanity, and extends the widest
opportunities and the most exalted privileges ever vouchsafed to man.
Will the youth of the land be ready to enter? VIII. OUR INDEBTEDNESS TO
COLLEGES. The American colleges hold the most intimate relation to the
whole community, for which they have done a vast work. They rightly
enjoy the confidence and esteem of the American people, since they have
infused into society some of the most purifying and life-giving
influences. Many of the first settlers were among the best educated men
of England, and they recognized that education was the corner-stone of
civil and religious liberty. Pembroke, Delaware, William Penn, Roger
Williams, the Winthrops, and a large number of worthy men who settled in
the early colonies came from the classical shades of Oxford and
Cambridge, and retained the educational predilections which were so
firmly e
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