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 And since they are generally due to essential oils, which are quickly
dissipated by heat, they are more abundant in the morning than after the
sun has reached the zenith. As a general rule, therefore, best results
with foliage herbs, especially those to be used for drying and infusing,
may be secured when the plants seem ready to flower, the harvest being
made as soon as the dew has dried and before the day has become very
warm. The leaves of parsley, however, may be gathered as soon as they
attain that deep green characteristic of the mature leaf; and since the
leaves are produced continuously for many weeks, the mature ones may be
removed every week or so, a process which encourages the further
production of foliage and postpones the appearance of the flowering
stem. To make good infusions the freshly gathered, clean foliage should
be liberally packed in stoppered jars, covered with the choicest
vinegar, and the jars kept closed. In a week or two the fluid will be
ready for use, but in using it, trials must be made to ascertain its
strength and the quantity necessary to use. Usually only the clear
liquid is employed; sometimes, however, as with mint, the leaves are
very finely minced before being bottled and both liquid and particles
employed. [Illustration: Herb Solution Bottle] Tarragon, mint and the
seed herbs, such as dill, are perhaps more often used in ordinary
cookery as infusions than
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