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Vie Jun 29 15:14:02 CEST 2007

Everyone Is Watching SREA! UP Again!

Score One Inc. (SREA)
$0.41 UP 2.5%

SREA continues its steady climb for the second week. UP nearly 400% in
the last two weeks, Stock reporting sites across the board are issuing
stock watch notices. Read the news, look at the numbers, and get on SREA

:D HaloSCAM comments:  Welcome back, man.
I did it last week on my annual leave just before fasting began. oh
well, to each its own i guess sis Cheers! Everyone's staring and their
laptop screen like they want to break it with their stare.
Some are new and some are not.
I'm just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket waiting for my
rocket to come. i'm up for an adrenaline-pumpr anytime.
i thought it sounded kind of familiar Cheers!

lokee sounds way much better than them. They wanted to see how different
their responses then compared to their current life's experiences.

my fingers don't seem to want to stop.

but i'm enjoying my blog a lot! I've had people tell me that the
roller-coaster ride in Berjaya Times Square was scary and my first
response to them was, "how scary can a roller-coaster built into a
building get? So here I am sitting in my comfy chair wondering where it
all went.

does taking knife and cut ourself counted as "adrenaline-junkies" to
feel "alive".

please forward email addy. Thanks for hopping by Cheers! Maaf zahir
batim Cheers! Vic's now a full fledged DJ. but to those who leave me,
wanting to be friends, etc - i so far have no problem keeping within the
boundary of 'just friends'. I did it last week on my annual leave just
before fasting began.

A sting on the middle finger and I saw my own blood being extracted.

i'm amazed that you, of all people sifu prefer see only and no touch

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