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News Is Out! CAON Launches R&D Program to Further Production!

Chan-On International Inc.
Symbol: CAON
Friday Close: $0.72 UP 4.35%

Read the news. This company is pulling no punches. They has engaged one
of the countries top R&D facilities to expand their technology. Get on
CAON today!

In her suit, filed in Clearwater on Tuesday by Tampa attorney Patrick
Dekle, Tepper says Dr.
Nevyas further requested that Mr. Shahinfar is currently the only laser
eye surgeon at Bloomberg. " Under a new agreement that lasts to the end
of this year, Jain maintains majority ownership of Bloomberg.

Among those studies are research into rehabilitation for poor laser
surgery results, and data collection for FDA approval of post-LASIK
contact lenses. " The goal is to make the patients' eyes as comfortable
as possible. Sincerely, Kenneth R.

ASCRS has asked the FTC to become more active in stringently and
consistently enforcing FTC regulations regarding legal advertising in
refractive surgery. "The surgery changed his life," he says.
"If you put a standard contact lens on a surgically altered cornea, it's
not going to fit very well," Bergmanson says.
He had to cut the suture and then pull out the remnants. " This implies
that the procedure is somehow reversible and that there are no potential
risks of sight-threatening or sight-disturbing complications. Wills
first came under the care of Dr.

" More side effects Unfortunately, my troubles did not end there. How
much can they do without risking the high cost of litigation?
Conclusion:  Recutting flaps for enhancement should be avoided unless
other alternatives are unavailable. Can you live with those odds with
your eyes?

Nevyas further requested that Mr.
Wills that he was an excellent candidate for laser vision corrective
surgery and recommended LASIK procedures for both eyes. Wills was not
fully informed of the risks of the intended procedures, and thus, did
not give informed consent to the laser surgical procedures performed.
Jain said Thursday the dismissal of litigation claims makes it clear
that Shahinfar will continue to work at Bloomberg and removes any
uncertainty for the community and the staff.

This study demonstrates that ICL patients will have less image
distortion than patients undergoing LASIK.

Indeed, the current thickness of Mr.

Choosing the correct shape can correct a misshapen lens, which would
otherwise require glasses or contact lenses. For one thing, "the risks
are different for kids than adults," he says.

He replied that they did have a checklist. Regulatory action is the next
option and could include state licensing boards or the FTC. "Absolutely
not" anytime soon, Davidorf says. , Plaintiff, vs Nicholas C. com and go
to the subject index. Every month or so, a suture had to be removed, as
they would not dissolve. Getting one's money back does not make up for a
lifetime of unhappiness about one's vision; it is not like returning a
broken television. C's lawyer also accused Dr.

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