[P2P-F] against the massive indoctrination of US workers

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I don't intend to use this mailing list to harp on this divisive topic, but
I also am reacting to the denialist article send by DM, which flies in the
face of an overwhelming amount of documentation ...

so for 2-3 days, I may send some items, so that nobody can claim, "Ich
have this nich gewusst".


Benjamin Morley wrote a piece for our *Fair for all* Substack about his
personal run-ins with race essentialist diversity, equity, and inclusion
trainings while working for Vermont’s Department of Aging and Independent
Living. Morley describes the training he and others experienced in detail:

The trainers attempted to impose their ideology on us by changing our
perceptions and values related to areas such as equity, privilege, racism,
identity, family, politics, and spiritual beliefs. They also sought to
alter our self-perception based on which identity groups we were members
of, and how this group membership affected our status in American society.
The facilitator tried to normalize this new philosophy by encouraging us to
completely re-evaluate our individual identities, part of what she referred
to as “doing the work.”

Morley and others were accused of racism, and he remembers witnessing the
“fear, sadness, and guilt” the training instilled in his coworkers.
However, this was interpreted by the trainers as merely a symptom of “doing
the work” that’s necessary to combat “whiteness” and systemic racism.

When Morely decided to voice his misgivings about the training, he
discovered that he was indeed not alone—many of his coworkers felt the same
way, but were simply too afraid to to speak up. Morely believes this
dynamic is common, and hopes his story encourages more people to start
speaking up.


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