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CONVIVIUM is quite proud to announce its 11 (1) issue devoted to:

Katharina Pistor’s The Code of Capital: A Symposium

Contributions by Katharina Pistor, Dan Awrey, Lisa Herzog, Matthias
Thiemann, and leon Wansleben


Interested readers can access CONVIVIUM full content for free: Simply go
to LOG IN and enter the passcode BEPress2021 in the "Do you have a
passcode?" window.


CONVIVIUM annual conference within the SASE 2021 Annual Meeting, to be
held on next 2-5 July, to be held virtually (online only).

Our program includes panels on social innovation with Adrian Zicari,
corporate governance and sustainability, empirical research in
accounting with Jim Ohlson, financial accounting, financial crises,
money, international tax avoidance, and auditing:


Registration here: https://sase.org/


Feel free to join us on:

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CONVIVIUM.AEL/)


LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7419651/)


Kindest regards


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