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Date: Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 2:16 AM
Subject: Will you help me finish my PhD?
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How are you?

I hope this strange historical moment finds you in the best possible place
and situation!
Today I write to ask you for help (Don't worry this is not the typical SPAM
mail that asks you for money hehe)

If you have subscribed to my newsletter for some time, you will know that
in 2006 I started a doctorate in town planning at the Universidad
Politécnica de Madrid. I finished the first cycle of subjects in 2009 with a
paper that has been downloaded 15,000 times
and I started to develop my doctoral thesis.

I have been working on it for over 10 years and I am running out of time!
December 16th is my last possible deadline!

*I need your help. I do need your help!*
The content is there, however I lack the references.
I have found 101 statements that need to be supported by a quote or a

I don't think I could do it alone in such a short time.
Will you help me find them?

The thesis is focused on the processes of collective intelligence. Why not
activate a process of collective intelligence to finish it?

Why not transform a problem into an opportunity?

So I launch this challenge. An experiment that could allow me to achieve
what I would find difficult to achieve on my own, generating knowledge and
an open methodology that could be useful for more people.

How does it work?

I have published 101 statements in a public document. Here is the link

Each statement has a number. If you want to help, just choose one of the
statements and add a comment. You can do this directly in the document, by
sending an email or through the social networks by referring to the exact
number of the quote.

To facilitate the process I have divided the 101 statements into 7
Every day I will publish the statements of one category.
I will do it in my blog, in my newsletter, social networks!

I will also organize some working sessions in videoconference. They will be
short sessions of one hour, one for each of the 7 categories. If you want
to participate, please fill in this form
This is all.
If perhaps this is not your field of action or research, I hope that at
least soon I will be able to share the methodology of this action so that
it can be useful to be applied in another context. I also thank you if you
pass this message to other people who you think can help me.

As always, I am looking forward to your comments and proposals, or simply
to hear how you are doing.

A big hug.

Civic Design Thoughts by Domenico Di Siena
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Calle Poeta Carlos Salvador,11 Valencia, Valencia 46020 Spain
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