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writer and curator Aude Launay – who has been member of the bgcon
network and participants in Berliner Gazette conferences for some years
now – has curated an exhibition and an accompanying series of talks
about the future of work in what she calls "a growing algorithmic
Taylorism". The title is ALGOTAYLORISM and it takes place at La
Kunsthalle, Mulhouse (F), Feb.13 _ April 26 2020. And there is more to
come. The teaser reads as follows:

“In the past the man has been first ; in the future the system must be
first.” wrote Frederick W. Taylor in The Principles of Scientific
Management in 1911. From his scientific management of work to
Amazon/Uber/Deliveroo’s algorithmic management, the evolution has mainly
been technological, while on the ideological level, one notices rather a
continuity. What is work in the globalized digital age? On the one hand,
a growing algorithmic Taylorism—the extreme division of labor among
clickworkers—and, on the other hand, a persistent machinic illusion—many
tasks thought to be performed by computers are in fact performed by
human beings in a more or less concealed way. In the age of algorithmic
management, what about performance measurement and worker optimization
tools? Also, in what is now called the “attention economy”, it is not
anymore only workers who work: any online activity is likely to add to
the capital accumulation of the internet giants through its
commodification. All data is monetizable. Every internet user is
profitable. Being online = working?

With : Emanuele Braga & Maddalena Fragnito (MACAO), Simon Denny, Elisa
Giardina Papa, Sam Lavigne, Silvio Lorusso, Jonas Lund, Michael
Mandiberg, Eva & Franco Mattes, Lauren McCarthy, Julien Prévieux,
RYBN.ORG, Sebastian Schmieg, Telekommunisten.


Stay tuned,

Krystian (for the BG team)


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