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Subject: Cosmo-local Reader - Launch - Introduction - Invitation

Dear friends

DGML/Fabcity/cosmo-local/etc is quickly moving from the fringes to the

Like with the sharing economy, the language and intent is and will be
co-opted by capitalism, commodified, repackaged and resold back into a
consumer trash producing society, rendering the potential of this inert and
dull. But there is a way to counter this and create something different.

The Cosmo-local Reader is one of a number of attempts and experiments to
bind the potential for DGML/Fabcity/cosmo-local/etc. to a planetary ethics
and vision, grounded in a clear truth that we are brothers and sisters on
this small planet that needs mutual care and protection, and that deep
mutualization is the path for the care and support of all.

Of course a Reader is no match for the forces of capitalism! But... we can
begin to steer the discourse, create the distinctions, build recognition
and solidarity with each other, and coordinate for maximum impact. We can
plant the seeds of change and begin to weave a commons.

We will begin with simple steps, a first stage Reader, to be complete by
the end of 2019, and then we can reassess and evaluate next steps.

An open doc on the project is here and feel free to make comments



Vasilis Kostakis and colleagues are undertaking a multi-year EU funded
study on cosmo-localism. https://www.cosmolocalism.eu/ He may want share a
bit about it, or not, I'm not sure at what stage it is in. I mention this
because the Reader needs to sit within an ecology to this large scale
study, which includes things like a detailed LSA of cosmo-local potentials,
extensive action research projects, etc.

So what the Reader will do is to build a foundation for the core concepts,
short cases and propositions. The Reader is meant to be a space for
systemic self recognition (how one part / idea might fit with another -
what projects exist) and will expand the space of inquiry. The Reader needs
to support the efforts of the EU project, which will take the thinking
further, not compete with it.

In general the ecosystem metaphor serves to guide us. We want the Reader to
be part of a generative ecosystem of projects and initiatives and to also
support in the development of this ecosystem. In ecosystems actors have
some autonomy but also coordinate and generate synergies and symbiosis.

*Who is involved?*

So far the editing team consists of me, Sharon Ede, Michel Bauwens and
James Gien Wong. However, I'm open minded about who is on the editorial
team, so if you're interested in being an editor, please get in contact.

In terms of contributions, many of you have already offered to contribute
something, but the devil is in the detail. I would like to invite you here
to formally submit a proposal:


Or just email it to me and I'll log it.


   - Please submit a proposal by June 15.
   - Thereafter contributions will be due on Sept 1
   - We'll provide review feedback by Oct 1
   - Final contribution due by Nov 1
   - Publication Dec 2019

*Organizing Philosophy*

The Reader is not a search for ideological purity or coherence. We all have
different views and perspectives and these will play out in the Reader.
Indeed over the last decade we've seen people tear each other apart for not
sharing the same exact views. De Sousa Santos, in his study of the world
social forum, talked about the need for "depolarizing pluralities", and how
when this done well, then there is the possibility of new meta-forms and
emergences. Thus, we need to search for common ground amid difference, be
willing to have debates and disagree, but ultimately connect the dots. It's
the fellowship of the ring! Hobbits, Dwarves, Elis, Humans, etc... working
together. The Reader will begin to show new convergences but also tensions
/ fault-lines. This is okay. Ultimately this is all about learning and then
building a counter-hegemonic movement.


I'm currently putting up a wordpress site for the project and will share
this when ready (in next few days). As contributions come in and are edited
and ready, the plan is to publish on the site, with the combined
contributions compiled and edited at the end of the year. Anyone who can
help with the website let me know.


Please share this email with others who may be interested in contributing.
I'll be putting together a medium post with an invitation and will pass on
the link in the next few days. This is an open project and the opportunity
is to use these distributed worlds we inhabit as a way to uncover examples
and areas previously unexplored.


Oscar Velazques and his team in Mexico City have agreed to help with
building a documentation framework for the Reader, and this will come out
in the next few weeks hopefully as a guide to case documentation.

Thank you all for your friendship and support. This is really exciting and
I look forward to working with you if you decide to jump in.

In solidarity and for the commons


Dr. José M. Ramos
pub: https://usc-au.academia.edu/joseramos
linkedin: http://linkd.in/19h1V5h
web: http://actionforesight.net
tel: +(61)431-541-068

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