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Special MONNETA Newsletter:
+++ In memory of Margrit Kennedy +++
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Dear Mr. Bauwens,

today Margrit would celebrate her birthday and because of that - and
considering that she has already been dead for nearly 5 years - we wanted
to give you a quick update about how we continued Margrit's work on
complementary currency solutions. Because today as then, the kind of money
we use is a central issue on the way to a more just and equitable economy.
If we succeed in creating more awareness about and alternatives to our
current financial system, a lot can be improved.
The charitable association MONNETA, which Margrit founded before her death
together with Kathrin Latsch, has developed over the years. To reflect that
also in its name, we added the line "Network for Monetary Diversity" to it
in recent month.
In 2015, the MONNETA Website
had been relaunched and now provides an excellent overview of all monetary
reform proposals and explains particularly complementary currencies in an
accessible way. MONNETA collaborates with other organisations like Finance
or the citizens' movement Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende
and the German network for Pluralistic Economics
We organise public lectures, panel discussions and workshops, regularly in
cooperation with universities. MONNETA also produced several new films and
video interviews, which can be found in our media library
The latest one, released this summer, provides a short and concise
introduction to why we and our experts are so concerned about money
- not the lack of it, but as a topic of education and innovation (German
only, English translation coming soon).

The continuation of MONNETA is financially secured - but to do more towards
Margrit's hopes and ambitions MONNETA would like to develop additional
activities, like a major documentary on the subject of "alternatives to the
perpetual financial crises and the money of the future". For those we rely
on your support! Antja, Margrit's daughter, has followed her wish and
joined the MONNETA board and provides an "out-side eye" on our topics and
activities. Declan supports her and Kathrin with his experience and advise
- as much in regards to the long history of Margrit's work as to the future.

You can also support our work through a donation
or by pointing others to our work, our website or this newsletter. Every
donation helps and delights us! And we provide tax receipts, also to
companies, if applicable in your country.
If you would like to meet us at one of our events and meetings: the next
will be on Friday the 22nd of February at the University of Siegen (more
information on that will be published soon on our website

We are always looking forward to hear from you and would be happy if you
would forward this message to interested people around you!
Warm regards,
Antja & Declan Kennedy

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