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Hi all.

We’d like to call your attention to our new review paper just
published in *Ecosystem
Services* titled:
“Twenty years of ecosystem services: How far have we come and how far do we
still need to go?"

The abstract is below and you can download the full paper here:

All the best,
Robert Costanza

It has been 20 years since two seminal publications about ecosystem
services came out: an edited book by Gretchen Daily and an article in
Nature by a group of ecologists and economists on the value of the world’s
ecosystem services. Both of these have been very highly cited and kicked
off an explosion of research, policy, and applications of the idea,
including the establishment of this journal. This article traces the
history leading up to these publications and the subsequent debates,
research, institutions, policies, on-the-ground actions, and controversies
they triggered. It also explores what we have learned during this period
about the key issues: from definitions to classification to valuation, from
integrated modelling to public participation and communication, and the
evolution of institutions and governance innovation. Finally, it provides
recommendations for the future. In particular, it points to the weakness of
the mainstream economic approaches to valuation, growth, and development.
It concludes that the substantial contributions of ecosystem services to
the sustainable wellbeing of humans and the rest of nature should be at the
core of the fundamental change needed in economic theory and practice if we
are to achieve a societal transformation to a sustainable and desirable

*Prof. Robert Costanza** | *VC's Chair in Public Policy | Crawford School
of Public Policy | The Australian National University | 132 Lennox
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Fellow, Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm, Sweden | Senior Fellow,
National Council on Science and the Environment, Washington, DC. |
Affiliate Fellow, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of
Vermont | Co-chair, Ecosystem Services Partnership (es-partnership.org) | deTao
Master of Ecological Economics, deTao Masters Academy, Shanghai, China

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