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Dear all,

Save the date! From 21 to 27 August we will hold our annual grass-roots
festival Koppelting, about peer production and free/libre alternatives for

The venue is De WAR <http://dewar.nl> in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, home
to the world's first 100% open source fablab and the experimental
cooperative University of Amersfoort.

Koppelting is filled with projects, lectures, discussions and workshops,
and is co-created by the attendees. This year will have a five-day
hackathon followed by a weekend unconference. The weekend of 25, 26 and 27
August will be used for lectures and workshops, during the weekdays we will
work in-depth on a few dedicated projects.

The first outlines of a program can be seen on the website

If you would like to present something, have an idea for a hackaton
project, want to suggest someone else for a presentation, or otherwise want
to contribute, we are happy to hear about this. Registration for the
festival is possible through the website.

Best regards,
Diana, Fierman, Harmen, Katrien, Maarten, Matthijs, Paul

P.S. Can't wait? Have a look at these kindred events that will also take
place this summer: Border Sessions <https://www.bordersessions.org/>, Hackon
<https://hackon.nl/>, SHA17 <https://wiki.sha2017.org/>
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