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Good evening, everyone,

Ruby, Laure and myself had a very good "harvest' at the Assembly and
Workshop we coordinated at UniverSSE 2017 in Athens. We not only managed to
attract Enrique Duran and John Restakis to our list (they seemed very
enthusiastic and said they would enroll), but we also got from the
discussions some gourmet food for thought that we should "digest" together
in the coming weeks and months:

- What do we exactly mean when we talk about "public policies" and

- Which public bodies are our natural partners? The European institutions?
National governments? Municipalities? Given the prominent role progressive
municipal governments, such as that of Barcelona an Naples, are gaining in
the Commons/SSE field, shouldn't we give more attention to the development
of alliances with municipalities, as well as the diffusion at the European
level of "best practices" regarding collaboration between Commons/SSE
actors and municipal governments?

- How to promote the sustainability of Commons/SSE initiatives by
developing "ecosystems" based on synergetic funding and the establishment
of supply chains and economies of scale among participants?

- How to attract to the ECA and promote collaboration between
"state-oriented" and "autonomist-oriented" Commons/SSE actors?

- What is the position and role of ECA members who represent themselves, as
well as those who represent organizations? Should we develop different
rules and methodology for participation?

- How to further involve academics in the ECA and Commons/SSE movement and
give them the tools to influence the public opinion and give credibility to
our movement?

- How should we develop connections with Commons/SSE movements and
organizations outside of Europe?

- Should we draft together a kind of charter/guiding document in which we
define basic concepts, goals and methodologies?

Besides all this, it is worthy to mention the solid convergence that is
happening between the Commons and SSE movements in Greece. In October this
year, there will be a Solidarity Economy and the Commons festival in Athens.


Ana Margarida

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