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Subject: Commons in the time of monsters: How P2P Politics can change the
world, one city at a time
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Hello friends!

I wanted to share our latest article. It lays out the argument for commons
(and P2P) based political alternatives, not as a hopeful dream, but
something that is already happening and reorienting power. Centered on
Spain's municipalist coalitions and leading to the vision of a
commons-enabling State, it also features the ECA as an essential component
for such a transition. Check it out


Here's an extract:

"In the same way that prefigurative strategies incorporate social and
> environmental priorities into their informal constitutions, without waiting
> for markets or state to deal with such ‘externalities’, the municipalist
> ethical code can form the kernel of a set of political guidelines to be
> hard-coded into commons-oriented coalition principles, bringing fresh
> accountability to contemporary politics. "

Please read, comment and share!

I hope to see many of you this weekend in Barcelona. Also, much love and
solidarity to all our brothers and sisters in Athens (and to everyone who
couldn't make it).


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