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Subject: "Climate Risking the Trump Brand"

Backing out of the U S Commitment to the 2015 UN Climate Accords signed in
Paris by 195 nations, Trump himself risks derailing his own brand and
Trump-branded properties worldwide.  This additional unforced error, warned
against by his top advisors, from Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn and a host of
corporate chiefs to Ivanka and Jared Kushner.  Trump seems influenced by
the Breitbart alumni in the White House, Steve Bannon, Jeff Session's
henchman Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka and others.  Breitbart's fake news
operation and the Trump campaign, funded by Renaissance Technologies boss
Robert Mercer, also serves as an outlet for RT and other Russian propaganda.

Trump's backsliding on the UN Climate deal has revealed the extent of these
perverse influences on the foreign policy of the USA.  We may see
resignations of some of his still respected team:  Secretary of Defense
General Mattis, National Security Advisor General McMasters and General
Kelly at Homeland Security.  Even Chief Economic advisor Gary Cohn may be
embarrassed enough to return to his top post at Goldman Sachs.

The 200 nations still committed to the climate agreement are ranged against
the 3 defectors, Syria, Nicaragua and the USA.  This seems to be the last
global stand of the fossilized Industrial Era sectors and their
cheerleaders in the USA, OPEC, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other oil states,
shale frackers, their foolish financiers and coal interests around the

Meanwhile as we have forecast in our 2017 Green Transition Scoreboard
® tracking private investments as green sectors worldwide since 2007----now
a cumulative $8.1 trillion----the cleaner green transition to inclusive
renewable energy and circular resource-using economies is unstoppable.
Even the Financial Times
along with the Economist.

So a Trump unforced error in pulling out of the climate deal simply hurts
the US position and cedes the competitive advantage in the race to complete
the global green transition to China, Europe, Latin America and the
solar-rich countries of Africa and Asia.  The 3 million jobs already powering
the US green transition will continue growing, but more will be created
elsewhere----so far with 8.5 million worldwide.  While the White House is
consumed by the Russian and financial scandals and the Republican dominated
Congress is laying low, the millions of voters who opposed Trump are
re-grouping and a small band of citizens has an appeal at the Supreme Court
to appoint a "Special Master" to investigate the Russian hacking of the US, in
addition to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.  Meanwhile the
growing group of medical and psychological experts continue to call for
closer examination of Trump's medical records, to assess whether he is
capable of continuing to exercise the responsibilities of his office.

As an immigrant, naturalized as a US citizen in 1963, I pray for my beloved
adopted country.

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