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Dear friends, colleagues and collaborators --

I hope you're well. Happy summer or winter, depending on where in the world
this finds you!

There are few things I have enjoyed more professionally than my role as an
independent advisor over the past few years. So much has happened during
this time: the sharing economy has morphed into something much more (more
diverse, more complex and more challenging); policy makers have responded
in both progressive and frustrating ways; and new concepts and potential
solutions have emerged, from the blockchain to platform cooperatives.

It continues to be a privilege and delight to work in this space. At the
same time -- for those of you who have known me a while, this will come as
no surprise -- I'm molting again. It's time to take what I do to the next

Part of this stems from the fact that ever since last November's
presidential election, and in my work and travels around the world, so many
things cause me angst: echo chambers, divisive politics, growing
inequality, our lack of meaningful discourse, and the simultaneous increase
in technological connectivity and decrease in human connections, to name
but a few. I've been asking myself: what are the bridges that we need to
build, and what can I personally do to help?

Today I'm debuting my transformed website <http://aprilrinne.com/>. It is a
partial answer to these questions.

*Don't worry: I'm not eliminating anything that I currently do. *Rather,
I'm expanding my portfolio and focus areas in ways that kick my skills, my
values and my superpowers up a notch.

In particular, in addition to the sharing economy, future of work and
public policy, moving forward I will also focus on global citizenship. This
is a natural fit for me, both personally and professionally. I also believe
it is fundamentally important -- for individuals, companies, governments
and society -- at this moment in history.

Global citizenship is *not *the same as globalization. It's not about
having a lot of passport stamps, nor a bigger global footprint. It is not a

Rather, global citizenship* is *about shared values, shared human
experience and a belief that we share more in common than that which
divides us. It relates to an historic shift of identity, one we're in the
early stages of, and one that has massive implications for society,
business, politics and basically every aspect of life. It's about making
sure we manage this shift responsibly.

You can read more on my site and in this Medium post, Global Citizenship:
Leveling Up
I'm already advising organizations with deep ties to global citizenship,
and moving forward I'll help both companies and individuals become better
global citizens. I also plan to write and speak more on all of these
topics. Plus I'll re-post many of my travelogues from the past two+ decades
because, well, you've asked and why not?!

If you'd like to dive deeper or simply stay current, please subscribe
<http://aprilrinne.com/contact/> to my periodic updates (I promise they'll
be brief and relevant). Of course your feedback is warmly welcomed, and
please share this with whomever else you think may find it of interest.

I also have a new email: april at aprilrinne.com. My Gmail still works just
the same, so feel free to use whichever you prefer.

Thank you for your friendship, support and mindmelding. This is just the

Onwards and all my best,


April Rinne
New Economy | Future of Work | Global Citizenship
e april at aprilrinne.com | m +1.415.694.3114
w aprilrinne.com | t, i @aprilrinne

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