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Unfolding a journey of collaborative inquiry | The Anthropocene Transition
Project (ATP) is an emergent process. Its shape and directions ar

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*JULY **2017*
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Unfolding a journey of collaborative inquiry

The Anthropocene Transition Project (ATP) is an emergent process. Its shape
and directions are fashioned by the interests and creative intelligence of
its participants who, through generative conversations, co-create new and
ever broadening streams of action/inquiry.

There is no project "plan". We are creating the path by walking together.

In February this year we convened a one-day workshop to explore directions
for the project. The themes that emerged that day have guided its
development this year. And each new initiative has in turn opened up new
fields for exploration.

This flowchart summarises where we have been and where we are heading.
Scroll down for thumbnail descriptions of each project.

The Anthropocene Paradox: The slides from Professor Will Steffen's keynote
address at the May 24 symposium are available on request.

Defiant Earth: An audio recording of Professor Clive Hamilton's keynote
address at the June 27 symposium will soon be available online.

Earth System Change & Cultural Evolution: A report of this June 27 workshop
will be available soon.
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The ATP publishes a weekly online digest of up-to-date writing and videos
on the Anthropocene. Scroll down the page to see the July 9 edition of the
Anthropocene Transition Web Digest and click on it to subscribe.
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Thumbnail Summaries of ATP Initiatives in 2017...

What principles should underpin economic thinking in the radically changing
conditions of the Anthropocene Transition?

After Growth

Re-imagining Economies

for the Anthropocene

1-day Symposium • Monday 17th July


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P2P & Commoning

A Transformative Social Paradigm

A roundtable with Dr Jose Ramos, P2P Foundation Tuesday 18th July,

UTS Business School, 14-28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo

"In facing up to the many profound crises of our time, we face a conundrum
that has no easy resolution: how are we to imagine and build a radically
different system while living within the constraints of an incumbent system
that aggressively resists transformational change? Our challenge is not
just articulating attractive alternatives, but identifying credible
strategies for actualising them."


REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL <%20kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>
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Mapping Cultural Narratives for the Anthropocene

First workshop in a series

Tuesday 25th July, 6.00-8.30pm

UTS Business School, 14-28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo

The stories at the heart of our cultures are the foundations upon which we
make sense of the world and our lives. The dawn of the Anthropocene reveals
the dysfunctional nature of the dominant cultural stories of our age.

In this workshop we will map the stories that frame our lives and take a
look at some of the new stories emerging from the grassroots and the
periphery. The workshop may be the first in an ongoing inquiry into
cultural narratives in the Anthropocene Transition.

Participant numbers will be limited but if you miss our this time you can
put your name on a priority list for the next workshop.


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Complexity Matters

The ATP is now convening regular forums/workshops to explore how complexity
thinking can enable transition and to share research and experience in the
application of complexity theory in diverse settings.
These gatherings of scholars and practitioners are held at 4-6 week

One focal question is how might an understanding of complex systems be more
effectively fostered in education at all levels and in areas of
professional and social practice?

<kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>
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In one of cinema's all time horror classics

Dr Frankenstein tampers with life and death

to create a monster he cannot control.

Is Frankenstein's monster a metaphor for the Anthropocene? What inspiring
new stories can we imagine for transition times?

The Frankenstein Paradox

Public Forum • Saturday 12th August • 2.00-4.00pm

Chau Auditorium, UTS Business School,

14-28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo

A Sydney Science Festival event


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Focusing the attention of engineers and associated professionals on the
challenges of the Anthropocene for design and construction practices and
education and professional development.

Engineering PLUS

Constructing the

Anthropocene Transition

A rethinking professional practice project

This on-going project will involve the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT
and engineering and related professional bodies.

CLICK HERE TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION <%20kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>
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The Anthropocene in

Stories, Dreams and

Creative Imagination

Workshop series starting mid October

UTS Business School, 14-28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo

What does depth psychology have to tell us about the stories that we play
out in our lives and cultures? Can an understanding of ancient and modern
mythic stories help us to transform a culture of alienation into a story of

DETAILS & REGISTRATION AVAILABLE SOON <%20kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>

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Living in the Anthropocene:

A monthly dialogue circle

Our Living in the Anthropocene dialogue circle convenes on a Saturday
afternoon every month.

The group utilises a form of open but structured communication created by
British physicist David Bohm in partnership with spiritual teacher
Krishnamurti that aims to connect people to what is deeply real in their
lives. There is no agenda for dialogue circles—no topic is set in advance.
The content of the discussion is whatever arises spontaneously from the

ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION <%20kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>
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Indigenous Voices in the Anthropocene

An on-going consultation

The ATP has embarked upon a process of consultation with Australian
indigenous elders, community leaders, scholars, artists, writers,
entrepreneurs and professionals to explore ways in which the voices of this
land's first peoples can be brought into forums about the Anthropocene

ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION <%20kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>

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Law & Governance in the Anthropocene Transition

An on-going seminar series by invitation

The ATP is collaborating with law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth to convene
a series of seminars on the practice of law in the Anthropocene Transition.

ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION <%20kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>
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Earth Sovereignty

A two-day symposium

19-20 February, 2018

UTS Business School, Ultimo

In association with the Australian Earth Laws Alliance. Details to be
announced in October.

ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION <%20kenneth.mcleod at uts.edu.au>

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During 2017 the Anthropocene Transition Project has developed
collaborations with:

UTS Institute for Sustainable Future

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney

UTS Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation

UTS Climate Justice Centre

UTS Centre for Compassionate Conservation

UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT

Australian Earth Laws Alliance

New Economy Network for Australia
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Below is the July 9 edition of The Anthropocene Transition Web Digest.

Every Sunday we publish this online digest of articles, research reports

videos on Anthropocene related topics from around the world.

You can read the digest on the Age of Transition website

or click below to subscribe and receive a copy in your inbox.
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Visit the Anthropocene Transition Project online

Age of Transition Website <http://www.ageoftransition.org>

New blog discussions are posted regularly


Web Digest of articles/reports on the Anthropocene

updated every Thursday and Sunday evening

Preparing for the Anthropocene Transition

Linkedin discussion group with regular postings

from contributors around the world.

(You need to be a Linkedin member to join this discussion group.)

Learning 4A Change <https://kjmcl.edublogs.org/>

An online forum about learning in and for the Anthropocene Transition
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